Emergency roof repairs north Sydney

If your house or business is in need of emergency roof repairs and is being inundated with water don’t delay and call us immediately on 1300077018, We will have one of our 24-hour roofing tradesmen on the way to you ASAP. Also, if you have loose roofing materiel that’s blowing in the wind this would be classed as an urgent roof repair. Lose roofing sheets are extremely dangerous so keep everybody well away from the problem and call us immediately on the number above or visit our contact page.

Having your house or business flooded during wild weather can be a stressful time, not only is it an important asset what’s more important are the people inside. We specialize in roofing in wild weather. We can have a tradesman on the way to you as soon as one becomes available. You can rest assured we can solve the problem on the spot, or alternetively put an emergency roof tarp on your roof in north Sydney.

IS there anything I can do while I’m waiting?

If water is getting near the power supply, we would advise you turn the power off. This can stop electrocution and damage to your electronic equipment.
If water is spreading throughout your ceiling and you have a general idea where the main leak is you can punch a hole through the ceiling so all the water will drain out through that whole and not spread across your ceiling. Having said all this if you are unsure of what to do just sit tight and wait for one of our experienced roof repair experts in north Sydney to show up.

Can you fix the roof while it’s raining?

In some cases, this will be possible, if not we can put an emergency tarp on your house or business until the rain stops. Being so close to Sydney harbor, North Sydney can have some wild weather and high winds. We will do our best to make it safe for either your family or your business.

So, if you have a roofing emergency give us a call 24/7 by calling us on 1300077018. (This the best way to get a response after normal business hours). If calling us by phone isn’t possible or you think the problem isn’t severe and can wait till the morning then you can email us at


we will get back to your email as soon ASAP and one of our experienced roofers in north Sydney will call you back when they are able to do so.

We cover all areas of North Sydney, so don’t delay….