Skylight repairs North Sydney

Skylights are becoming more popular as people look for ways to minimize their carbon footprint. At roof repairs North Sydney we have all of your skylight repair and replacement needs covered. Skylights are perfect for getting free light into your home unfortunately as they are a penetration in your roof during severe storms and downpours, they can be a water ingress point and water can enter your home or business. Skylight domes can also blow off quite frequently from severe winds that we see a few times a year in North Sydney.

The main cause of skylights failing is incorrect installation of the frame that holds the skylight dome. When this frame is incorrectly installed water can run internally into your home.

We have custom made frames and sealant that we can install on your skylight in north Sydney. This adds a bigger causeway for the water to run into. The second biggest problem that skylights face is the angles that hold the skylight onto the internal frame. Over time these tend to rust and once they snap a strong wind will blow your skylight away. We can order these angles in for you and put a new Skylight dome in north Sydney back on. A new dome not only looks good it offers in some cases up to 85% more light depending on how old your old skylight dome is. IF your skylight dome has blown off in a severe storm call one of our teams and we can put an emergency roof tarp on your home or business. This gives us time to order in the new dome and fix the problem for you. We work with all major suppliers of skylight roofing systems throughout Australia and we have no problem in sourcing your skylight requirements.

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